What We Do

Property Consultation

In a post-pandemic world, where the future is exciting but uncertain, getting expert property advice is essential.

What we do

  • Strategy development
  • Future planning and proofing
  • Representation
  • Portfolio support and review
  • Market appraisals
  • Portfolio lease management
  • Strategic advice and support
  • Lease reviews

Whether you are a commercial property investor, buyer or tenant, having the right strategy is crucial. To do that, you need access to independent insights and support from an advisor who has extensive networks in the property industry to help you make data-driven decisions.

With the Broadway Property team, you’re fully equipped and empowered for success, whether you’re looking for strategic support, representation or clarity to a complex project or deal. Broadway Property is trusted by property investors and groups Australia-wide. Contact us for a no obligation discussion about your commercial property needs.

“Ryan was able to provide us with commercial property advice as well as develop and execute the strategy to re-negotiate our current lease, saving Micro-X a significant amount of money over the remainder of our Lease term. This was balanced with ensuring the relationship with our current Landlord was not jeopardised and that the Landlord also achieved a sufficient outcome which was important to Micro-X.”

Kingsley Hall, CFO – Micro-X